The Energy of Groups…

Just as an individual has an energy field, so does a group. It’s a dynamic field, changing with the comings and goings of participants in the group.

When a group has an intention, its energy is focused and amplified.

Because energy is anywhere and everywhere, group members do not need to be in the same physical location in order to have an impact.

Groups in action…

In response to the war in Ukraine, organizations with an understanding of energy and group impact are establishing frameworks that allow individuals anywhere in the world to contribute toward peace in Russia and the Ukraine.

If you’ve been wishing you could do something to help, and haven’t known what to do, here are some no-cost energy-based possibilities to consider…

Institute of Noetic Sciences

IONS was founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, after his life-changing journey in space, to bring together science and the invisible world. He believed that: We are creating the future. It is not determined. If we get our act together we could have a sustainable, abundant future. 

A Meditation to Elevate the Planetary Field

Saturday, Mar 19, 2022 12:00 PM Pacific

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Launches Monday, Mar 20, 2022

This is a  new worldwide movement for kindness.

The intention is to create together a coherent energy field of light, kindness and love.

You participate by joining a daily attunement at 6 pm your local time.

Here’s the backstory to this approach: With the help of Churchill, the Big Ben Silent Minute at 9pm was launched. It is said that Hitler described this as “Britain’s secret weapon that he could not overcome”.

Go here for more information and to try the reminder app.


Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment  

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered influential  books in the development of the New Science. She has run intention experiments for many years,

Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment for Ukraine

Why not start over?

I have long been interested in the big picture of life and its events. I often ask myself: What is the point? Why am I doing this? What exactly is going on here? Continue reading

Getting rid of inner clutter to deal with outer chaos

Paper chaps

True confession—this is what my outer chaos looks like most days.

Ever since I started this blog a year ago, I’ve been drowning in books, papers, and sticky notes. I find myself researching a wide array of sources and don’t want to lose track of  important thoughts. My aim is to pull ideas together in new ways. That seems to mean I have to amass a of ideas before I can recombine and distill them. It’s a messy process, but that’s how I work.

Recently I became aware that the volume of idea clutter had become overwhelming. It was no longer helpful. It was causing me stress.

Relieving the stress of overwhelm

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Understanding Energy

Understanding energy is important for anyone wanting to remain or become well. We are made of energy and immersed in it. Energy affects us even though we don’t see it.

Lynne McTaggart is a master at talking about energy in relatable ways. The hallmark of her work is thorough research and clear expression about science-based discoveries in the worlds of health and spirituality. She has written four books including one called The Field, and she edits a monthly health journal, “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.”

Below is a full-length recording of her presentation to a leadership conference for business people and entrepreneurs. I like this presentation because: Continue reading