Useful links…

Knowing how financial calculations are made is empowering. These calculators will help you understand the costs of money.

Compound Interest Calculator – Discover how much your future savings and investments will be worth with the Inspired to Save website.

Online Credit Card Payment Calculator at the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Student Loan Cost Estimator at the CanLearn website helps you see how much your education borrowing will cost you once you graduate.

Payday Loan APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Calculator allows you to convert short-term borrowing fees to a yearly interest rate so you can fully understand the cost of that money.

Canadian Mortgage Payment Calculator – From the CanEquity website, this allows you to easily investigate various repayment scenarios to determine the best balance between monthly payments and overall interest paid when length of amortization period is adjusted.

Canada Life Insurance Quotes may be obtained with no obligation from using their term insurance calculator and cash value calculator.