Serendipity happens, with help!

#1 Where in the world?

#1 Where in the world?

Serendipity is often misunderstood as being a condition in which “things just happen”—good luck that occurs without any effort on our part. This mindset comes from wanting to experience the rewards of life without participating in the process.

Viewed from another mindset, serendipity is a combination of intention, action, and surprise. This viewpoint allows for the surprise of finding something good without looking for it AND requires us to put ourselves into the equation through intention and action.

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Looking for connections…

Book in Vegas

My book is travelling again thanks to Nollind and Teresa, who recently left it in this lovely library at the Las Vegas RV Resort. Over the next few months, they’ll release several more copies of Conscious Spending, Conscious Life “into the wild” under the BookCrossing program.

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My book is on the move

underground first copy released

Conscious Spending, Conscious Life  is travelling the London Underground. Really! As the above picture shows, it entered via West Kensington Station to participate in an imaginative program to turn the London subway system into a library for commuters. Continue reading

How do I help as many people as possible?

How do I help as many people as possible? An interesting question indeed for an unknown author of a new book. I have a few ideas that I’m putting into motion.

One is to offer my e-book at no cost for a period of time. The Kindle version of Conscious Spending, Conscious Life is available free for three days (until the end of Monday, April 29). The links below take you to the ordering pages on each Amazon site.

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Gone live!

Last fall I discovered that people in the book industry speak about a book “going live.” I think it’s an appropriate term. Having just been through the book production process, I feel as if I’ve given birth – to an elephant!

It’s name is Conscious Spending. Conscious Life: An uncommon guide to navigating the consumer culture. Continue reading

Conscious Spending. Conscious Life.

In a consumer world, it’s incredibly easy to make poor choices that haunt us for years. The best defense is conscious spending. I developed my ideas on this during the many years I taught a college course in consumer issues. During that time, I could not find a book that covered our down-to-earth but wide-ranging discussions and assignments. I’ve now written this book, which will be available in November 2012.

However, completing a book does not complete a conversation or full exploration of these matters! Follow my blog to find things to think about, practical advice, and some surprises.