Life Unfolding Itself…

The workings of energy are endlessly fascinating. It is a world of mystery because it’s unseen. But if we’re observant, we can see the effects of energy. We just need to recognize that’s what we’re seeing. And once we do that, we’ll discover that we are able to receive clues from energy as Life unfolds itself.

If you’ve never worked with energy, it might sound quite obscure. But it’s not as difficult or out of reach as you may think.

It will help if you know some of the ways energy works.

Energy puts things in motion…

Once something is recognized, it is put in motion.

Our responsibility is to pay attention so we recognize the clues in our field. Recognize is the key word here.

How do I recognize the clues?

It doesn’t happen in my mind or imagination. For me, something in my outer world will activate an awareness in me. These recognitions are clues that something needs attention in my inner world.

Mainly, I notice the dynamics of what’s going on in my life—things that don’t seem to fit, something that stands out somehow, a way I’ve reacted that seems out of proportion to the facts of a situation.

This is probably best illustrated by examples from the rich experience that prompted me to write this post. Last week, I discovered three past life circumstances from which I was still carrying trauma. I say “was” because once I become aware of such distortions in my energy field, I can release or integrate them.

Why bother?

Freeing up energy is the point of doing this sort of inner work. Releasing or integrating distortions from our field makes it easier to explore our inner world, to communicate with our invisible guides, and to receive ever-more clues to help us navigate to greater consciousness.

Exploring past lives is not about discovering you were once Cleopatra or Captain Cook so you can have bragging rights. It is also not about glorying in being a victim of very bad things like being burned at the stake, made to walk the plank on a pirate ship, or abandoned on a ice floe by your parents.

Anything you discover is just information, and its value is to explain something about you now that arises from those unresolved traumas. Then you can release the trauma and move on. In essence, past life investigation is a tool that helps us understand our present-day selves in the context of the fullness of our human experience.

That being said, here’s what came up for me last week in outer clues, and the essential awareness each clue led me to.

  • Clue: While working on a sewing project, I noticed that my eyes had become blurry. Essential awareness: As a seamstress in a sewing shop in the 1700s, I was brutally humiliated by the owner when my work deteriorated in speed and quality because of degenerating eyesight.
  • Clue: I had a nagging headache that wouldn’t go away. Essential awareness: As a man in the Middle Ages, I was arrogant and very proud of my mental prowess. I experienced a permanent brain injury in a joust that “knocked me to my knees” so to speak. People around me were very unkind, acting as if I got what I deserved.
  • Clue: I was feeling an unusual tightness in my chest. Essential awareness: As a judge in the 1800s, I gave a defendant a break, which was the right and compassionate thing to do in the circumstances even though I was contradicting the law of the time. I was banished from the community and lived the rest of my life in isolation. I concluded that taking compassionate action is risky, and have carried that belief in my energy field ever since.

From my perspective…

Life unfolds if I allow it to. That means we are partners in the game, Life and I. Life presents the clues that will allow it to unfold, and I am open and alert to noticing them, exploring what they tell me, and then releasing or integrating the distorted energy that has been keeping me from living my life freely.

What prompted all this…

In the case of the example I gave here, I now realize it actually started a few months before when I had a heartfelt sense that I would love to deepen my ability to be compassionate. The interesting thing is, I hadn’t thought of it since. But remember—when something is recognized, it is put in motion. So my invisible team got busy to see how we could free up some energy to increase my capacity for compassion.

It was only when I looked at the three clues together that I saw the theme of compassion and remembered I’d asked for that. And this illustrates the last part of this process—making meaning from what you discover, as it pertains to your life now.


Working with energy can seem like mysterious business. Indeed, it is an enigma until you understand it. And then when you do, much about your life just falls into place.

To make this less mysterious, you’re welcome to use the comment box to ask questions.


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