Increasing our Cosciousness

Consciousness is my theme at the moment. Well, actually, It has been for many years. That’s how it ended up in the title of my book, Conscious Spending, Conscious Life, which grew out of my teaching college students to be conscious consumers.

In the time that has passed, I’ve become ever-more aware of the urgent need for increasing our consciousness on all fronts. We must, if we are to resolve the world-scale chaos around us.

That phrase—the more beautiful world our hearts know as possible—is borrowed from author and essayist, Charles Eisenstein. It’s the title of one of his books, and is completely relevant to this time where we must find ways to increase our consciousness.

Seeing the bigger picture…

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Fun — A New Story

Fun?  What’s that?

I was born serious.

Being the oldest of four probably had a lot to do with it. From a young age, my modus operandi was to be responsible, to behave, get it right, do what was expected, toe the line, set a good example, and care about what other people thought of me (and, by association, my family). I was a product of my time in history and my place in the family constellation.

So it’s not surprising that fun, which I understood to be frivolous and silly, wasn’t part of my picture. And in fairness, being serious has served me well enough so far.

The problem is…

We’ve found ourselves in times that are turbulent, uncertain, and soul-deadening. In circumstances like this, super-seriousness doesn’t help. When life-out-there seems more depressing than enlivening, we need another approach.

The challenge is…

How can we change our individual experience when the collective consciousness is so weighed down with worry and fear?

The good news is…

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