Could we stop using the word “safe”? Please!

How did safety become our prime directive, the thing we value above all else?

Safety is a primal instinct, centred in the primitive part of our brain where its job is to be alert for danger and trigger fear so we’ll take suitable action. This  served a useful purpose for human survival in the days when fight, flight, or freeze were our options.

As humans evolved, so did our brains. We became more conscious, developed a sense of values, and expanded our capacity to view our lives from a larger perspective.

Now, facing the chaos and uncertainty that confronts us every day, we are retreating to our base instincts. And so “stay safe” has become the mantra of the culture. 

I say… Enough!

We need to regain our sense of perspective and balance. As is often the case, we can find a new way of looking at things from the children in our lives. Continue reading