Self Help for Stress Relief

Stress usually arises at inconvenient times. How useful it is to know what to do about it at the time, on your own!

This post is an introduction to two energy psychology modalities that are self-empowering—easy to learn and you can do them yourself. Both are methods I use and recommend.

Emotional Freedom Technique

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique? How is it used? Does it work? Dawson Church explains…

This video is from EFT Universe. Free download of the EFT Manual.

The Emotion Code

How do trapped emotions impact your energy field? Can trapped emotions be passed down through generations? What is a “heart wall”? Dr. Bradley Nelson, originator of The Emotion Code, is interviewed by Bob Schwartz, Executive Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

To see the emotion code process in action. Free download of The Emotion Code.

These are effective but they are by no means the only ways to deal with stress. Do you have a go-to method for stress relief? Please share.

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