Power-less to Power-full

When I wrote last week about holding peace in a time of war, I realized that I left a big question dangling—how can we find the inner power to do something so difficult and abstract? Where do we even start?

Play with Consciousness

It doesn’t help to feel powerless. Not in any situation.

Yet powerlessness is often our default position, especially when the problem is enormous and we just don’t know what to do.

Why learning to play with consciousness matters…

We’ve arrived at a time in human evolution where our mind is not enough to help us navigate through the dilemmas we must face. Neither information nor imagination give us the capacity for the level of wisdom we require now.

This need for wisdom is why we must learn to play with consciousness. It is our superpower…and one of the best-kept secrets of modern life.

Going back to the idea of holding peace in wartime, it is the wisdom of consciousness that gives us the capacity to do the difficult thing.

How to play with consciousness…

If you don’t watch any other videos I post, please watch this one. Then apply Sarah McCrum‘s simple steps to increase your consciousness so you’ll know what to do when the way is unclear…

For the activation “On the Edge of the Unknown” go here and scroll to the end.

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