Q. What on Earth is going on?

A.  We are evolving.

Evolution proceeds in cycles and leaps.

We humans tend to overlook the bigger picture of evolution, engrossed as we are in the details of our daily and yearly lives.

History offers perspective…

The cycles and leaps of humanity are more easily seen from the vantage point of hindsight than from the midst of a society that is being propelled into a big leap. 

Imagine you were a resident of England in medieval times. You were a member of a family—either serf or nobility, take your pick. The system was based on class. If you were a serf, you worked long and hard on the land owned by the nobles.

If you were the Noble, you felt entitled to their labor by virtue of your higher class. In that way the serfs were valuable to you, and you made sure to give them just enough of the produce from the land to keep them alive so they could continue serving you.

Both classes knew that this was how things were, and change was nowhere in the picture… until all of a sudden it was!

Can you imagine the disruption? Fundamental beliefs about how society operated no longer applied. People in both classes had to rethink how they would navigate life under entirely different circumstances. And they were entirely unprepared for a huge shift such as this.

Guess what?

We are now in a similarly disruptive change—not in the details of course, but in the magnitude of change. 

From my perspective, deeply disruptive times are upon us for a reason. Because we have not been proactive as a species in up-levelling our consciousness, we are being propelled into ever-more challenging circumstances so we can experience how dysfunctional our culture has become. 

I hope we get the message soon.

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1 thought on “Q. What on Earth is going on?

  1. Thank you Laurana for drawing my attention to this “evolution” process. It certainly helps to look at the current state of affairs from that perspective. Much food for thought..hope within the disruption.
    On the topic of our dysfunctional culture, I recently listened to a CBC Ideas broadcast where Nahlah Ayed interviewed Lucy Ellmann on her recent book Things Are Against Us. I though you and your readers might appreciate. I laughed and cried and laughed again.

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