On the Edge of the Unknown

I think most of us are tired of hearing the word unprecedented. Yet it’s an accurate description of the time we are in—one where we’re being confronted by things that we have never known or done before.

That’s an enormous challenge, individually and collectively, because we’ve become used to having things under control. And here we are, facing a pandemic, civil unrest, environmental collapse, and a war like we’ve never seen. Worse yet, efforts to bring them under control are having no more than minimal success.

I suspect that most of us feel this is not what we signed up for.

Imagination isn’t enough…

Often we hear that the solution is to use our imagination to envision the better world that we would like to live in. This used  to work, in the early phases of human evolution. But now that we are on the verge of a big leap, imagination is not enough. That’s because imagination is based on what we know from the past. And we are facing a future that is based on premises and priorities that are different from what has gone before.

Energy is the key. And here I’m referring to our ability to work with the universal energy fields in and around us. This is how we will be able to navigate what comes at us in the next few years.

Following the energy…

These days, I make a lot of my decisions by following the energy. That hasn’t always been the case, though. It changed on my first trip to England, in 1994.

I arrived at Schumacher College knowing little about Britain, except that I intended to visit Stonehenge after my course was over. I had decided it would be easier to figure out the logistics when I was there rather than trying to get details while still at home in Canada. That decision was a departure from my usual nail-down-the-details style. But in this case, it seemed the only practical approach. (No internet back then.)

One day at breakfast, I asked how I could get from Schumacher to Stonehenge. The first reply I heard was, “If you’re going up that way, you must go to Wells Cathedral.” So I did—and had a profound inner experience when I walked around a corner and came upon this view…

In the end, I got to Stonehenge, which didn’t speak to me at all. But Avebury and Glastonbury Tor did. Both of them were on the way to Stonehenge.Neither had been in my sights while I was at home in Canada.

From that experience, I came to appreciate the value of being open to possibilities and paying attention to what presents itself—what I now refer to as following the energy.

What to do now?

If control and  imagination aren’t the answers, how do we navigate this “unprecedented time.”?  What will help us move confidently into and through an unknowable future?

The next phase in human evolution is to graduate from relying on imagination and learn how to follow the energy of the future.

The first step is to learn how to work with your own energy, improving the flow inside you so you are able to be more attuned to the surrounding energy, including that of the future.

That said, there are people who are already tapping into the energy of the future and seeing how life could unfold in unimaginable ways. Stay tuned.

This week’s activation…

Energy activations are designed to enliven (activate) an aspect of your energy field. The words communicate directly with the field, guiding it to a new formation as needed. The one below is set to music and the creators, Sarah McCrum and Gary Malkin, call it a Transformance. Sit quietly and let the energy work for you.

For more free activations and transformances, go to Sarah McCrum’s YouTube channel. You’ll find courses and activations for purchase on Sarah’s website.

3 thoughts on “On the Edge of the Unknown

  1. I like that..follow the energy. It suits me well as I am finding it difficult to navigate in the current state of the world. You stated it very accurately Laurana, I do often have thoughts of it not being what I signed up for.
    Interesting your experience in Britain regarding Stonehenge. I would like to hear more about your time at Avebury and Glastonbury Tor one day.
    Thank you for the activation link. Headed there now, Transformance looks to be just what is called for at the moment.

    • Well, Susan, the most magical part of the trip to Avebury was seeing a crop circle after I’d been told definitively that it was too late in the season and there were none to be seen. Yet there it was, perfectly intact on a large hillside that sloped toward the road…and I was in a window seat on the correct side of the bus to get a great view 🙂

      • Nice! Sounds magical indeed. Visiting a crop circle is on my bucket list. How wonderful you saw one, especially at a time when there weren’t any 😉

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