Finding the best of ourselves.…

Perhaps it’s my age… I don’t know… But I find myself longing for the kinder, gentler times—when people understood the meaning of statesmanship, discretion, civility, honour, respect.

Can we recover them? I don’t know. I can only hope that we humans, collectively as well as individually, will find the best of ourselves soon enough.


My mother raised four children in a small house in the pre-screens era. We made our own entertainment, which meant there was a lot of noise and activity going on practically under her feet. In moments of exasperation, she was known to say, “Would you kids pleeeease be quiet so I can hear myself think?! 

I thought it was an odd thing for her to say. Now I get it.

We all need space, away from outer demands, so we can remember who we are, what we stand for, and how we can contribute to the kind of world we want to live in.

In that vein, today’s post offers a delight and a tool for finding the best in ourselves. First the delight…

When I see something as creative as these sculptures, I’m always intrigued about the kind of mind it takes to conceive of such a thing. And I’m reminded that there’s a world of possibilities far beyond my seeing.

And now the tool for finding the best in ourselves. I mentioned this last week—energy activations. It’s hard to describe them, so I’m going to make it easy for you to try them. Starting today, I’ll attach one of Sarah McCrum’s activations at the end of each post. I’ve found them immensely helpful and I’d like you to have a chance for the experience as well. I’m starting with relaxation because that was an eye-opener for me.

Listen once or twice a day. Sit or lie down comfortably,, close your eyes, and…

To find more free activations, go to Sarah McCrum’s YouTube channel. You’ll find courses and activations for purchase on Sarah’s website.

4 thoughts on “Finding the best of ourselves.…

  1. Thank you Laurana. The wire sculptures are definitely a delight. I remember when those maze-like illusion pictures were a thing and I had to work so hard to see what others were seeing. It was when I stopped looking so hard that the images revealed themselves.
    You are not alone in your longing for kinder, gentler times. I started attending a yoga class this week where it became quite apparent to me that there has been a notable void in my day to day that sharing space with kind and mindful folks helps to remedy.
    I have found all of the activations I’ve tried so far very impactful, but this one was especially powerful. I keep meaning to look up the difference between activations and guided meditations because they seem similar yet the results are very different for me in a most positive way.
    Thank you again for your guidance and inspiration ❤️

  2. You made an insightful observation, Susan, when you discovered that you had to stop looking so hard to be able to see the images. It confirms the natural principle that relaxing and allowing are more effective than trying hard,

    Relaxing is the way into our true selves, and that’s the reason for using activations daily. Our true selves are our best selves and we need to cultivate that connection.

    You’ve asked a good question about the difference between activations and guided meditations. In both cases, someone is speaking. In a guided meditation, you are being directed to do certain things, usually with your mind or imagination, that are based on the practices of a particular philosophy.

    Activations, on the other hand, are designed to activate (enliven) an aspect of your energy field. The words communicate directly with the field, guiding it to a new formation as needed.

    I hope this clarifies the distinctions; if not, feel free to ask further questions. The good news is that it works, whether of not we fully understand the mechanism. That’s part of the magic of energy, as I see it!

  3. Thank you Laurana. Yes that does explain the difference and as you say although I don’t actually understand what is occurring, I certainly experience it. I am much more relaxed and your use of “enliven” is so appropriate as when I do guided meditations I tend to get sleepy, but these activations take me into a very deep, hypnotic-like, state and then leave me feeling rejuvenated and ready for movement😊. A much valued teaching 🙏🏻

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