Worst Day Ever?

Worst day ever? It all depends on how you look at it.

The poem below was written by Brooklyn teenager, Chani Gorkin, for a school assignment. A semi-finalist in a 2014 poetry contest, it was published on Poetry Nation.

As you read this poem, pay attention to the emotions and the energy field it creates. If you can, read it aloud—that will make the effect more palpable.

What was your experience—especially of the energy field created by reading top-to-bottom compared to reading it bottom-to-top? You might think in terms of emotional response or maybe the tone of it. Fancy words aren’t necessary. My experience was depressing compared to uplifting energy.

The unseen dimension of words…

This poem is such a good example of the unseen dimension of words. Words have power, both individually and in the way they are arranged together.

Words, whether written or spoken, can change the energy fields into which they are inserted. This makes them a tool that we can use for better or worse.

Let’s use them with care.

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