The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

I found Barbara’s story particularly poignant because so many people experience variations of what she described. And it happens all the way along the age continuum…from children with learning disabilities of varying degrees to adults with dementia of various types and severity.

Barbara Arrowsmith Young’s vision is a lofty one—that cognitive exercises become a normal part of curriculum, and that school becomes a place that we go to strengthen our brains. The good news is, she has done something about it. The Arrowsmith Program is offered at schools throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

And what can we do?

  1. If you are a grandparent, have the kids put on some lively music and do Brain Gym  with them, (This article describes key Brain Gym movements with a very cute little guy demonstrating.)
  2. If you are becoming forgetful or experiencing brain fog, look seriously at your sugar and carbohydrate consumption.
  3. If you’re concerned about Alzheimer’s being your fate, watch Dr. Dale Bredesen describe how he has reversed Alzheimer’s in his research at the Mary S. Easten Center at UCLA. Then take the steps outlined below the video to look after your brain.

We are living in times that require us to keep our wits about us. Let’s do everything we can to ensure they are there when we need them.