Clinging doesn’t work .

Life on Earth was designed to evolve. That’s why we’re here,,,for the ever-changing opportunities to experience life and grow in our humanness. Yet as we move through daily life, we seem to have forgotten the fundamental principle that makes growth possible.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us, me included, fall into the trap of wanting things to remain the same. That’s not surprising, because no-change feels like security. Life seems easier when we know what to expect and how to navigate it.

The desire for the security of sameness causes us to cling to how things are. The more they change, the tighter we cling to them—No, no, don’t go, stay the same. The energy it takes to fuel this resistance is then no longer available for the rest of living, and ends up causing misery and dissatisfaction to varying degrees.


It is not just you or me—the desire for permanence is baked into the story of Western cultures. It surrounds us in the same way that water surrounds a fish in its usual habitat. And like the fish, we aren’t even aware of how we’re affected by what we are immersed in.

Eastern philosophies are more in tune with the law of impermanence. But for most Westerners, accepting the truth of impermanence requires a mindshift.

Not all Westerners, though. The video below shows a group of people in action on Tenby Beach in Wales, apparently not at all bothered by the reality of impermanence.

To see more stunning sand circles coming and going, visit the YouTube channel of their mastermind, Marc Treanor.

The first time I watched this, my knee-jerk reaction was to wonder how they could put all that work into a beautiful sand circle whose disappearance was both imminent and inevitable.

My second thought was: Hold on a minute! That is a metaphor for life.


Here’s what I think we can learn from those folks on the beach:

Accept impermanence. Revel in the process of doing and creating rather than in ownership of the result.

And what about the loss of security?

Security is an inside job.

In an ever-changing world, we will never find security outside ourselves. We need to cultivate it within, and there are tools to help us do that.

Energy activations are a good place to start. Energy activations are designed to enliven (activate) an aspect of your energy field. The words communicate directly with the field, guiding it to a new formation as needed.

This builds your field in a way that you can tap into your inner resources to guide you as you navigate any experience as it arises.

That is genuine security.

Here’s an activation relevant to change.

Relax when things are changing

Experiment with listening to it once or twice every day for the next week and see what happens. First thing in the morning and last at night is an easy routine for many people to make this happen.


This document has more free activations, compiled from Sarah McCrum’s YouTube channel. For courses and activations to purchase, visit Sarah McCrum’s website.

2 thoughts on “Clinging doesn’t work .

  1. Well that was enjoyable to watch..I did find myself flinching when the tide moved in. Haha. Thank you Laurana, a very timely message about impermanence and security. This helped me to recognize I am currently in a clinging space. Great installment. ❤️

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