New Year

My artist-friend Fiona sends out an interesting digital image at the beginning of each year. This time it was treetops and clouds, turned upside down so the clouds are at the bottom. The message said, “Welcome to 2024!”


Welcome. Well come. Come well. And then a question formed…

What would it take for me to come well to the upside-down world of 2024?

Better than a New Year’s resolution…

For me, New Year’s resolutions have never proven useful. Instead, I prefer to have a focus or intention that plays in the background to help orchestrate magic during the year. You know, the synchronicities and unexpected happenings that move our lives in ways we wouldn’t have thought of, that bring delight we wouldn’t have imagined.

Usually I’ve selected one word to set the tone. This year, because the photo had evoked a pertinent question, I decided to explore that. So I took myself out for breakfast to see what would emerge.

What would it take for me to come well to the upside-down world of 2024?

The answer started with the words:  New Year. Another chance to show…

How would you complete this?

There’s more, and I’ll post it tomorrow. But I thought you might like to reflect on this for yourself without the distraction of someone else’s perspective.

Share in the comments if you like. No pressure.

Check back tomorrow if you’re curious about what will be shaping my energy field in 2024.

5 thoughts on “New Year

  1. ….another chance to move out of your comfort zone and grow
    ….another chance to try again
    ….another chance to make it better
    ….another chance to pick up where you left off
    …another chance to try something different
    ….another chance to think about it differently

      • Well I kind of think they are all one in the same. I have a big project in mind that needs to get done & I can try out all those approaches & perspectives & actions & see what happens …

        • Much of life is an experiment. Choosing as best you can, taking a step, assessing it, and then taking the next best-step…that is often the best way to proceed, especially when you are in not-yet-known territory. All good wishes for this year.

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