Change is in the air


A lot of us seem to be feeling it. How could we not, considering the extremes of weather and world events in recent times. But more than that, I’ve noticed that people are starting to feel an inner impulse toward personal change. A life that had been working for them no longer feels right. That’s what happened to me.

I’d been feeling out of sorts and one day a thought went through my head and came out my mouth before I knew it was there. What I said, out loud and to no one in particular, was, “Ive got to expand my horizons.

The energy and depth of it surprised me but I thought, “Well, okay. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing.” I had no idea what “that” would look like, so I just left it simmering in the background. Within a week, I found out…or at least I learned where it would start.

One day I opened my inbox and found an e-mail about the transformational coaching method. It appealed to me but I really didn’t think I needed to be coached. I’ve been doing my own inner work in myriad ways since the mid-1980s and currently have an excellent resource in a chiropractor who practices the NET system of energy release.

So I deleted the message and forgot about it…until they sent another one. For some reason, this time it twigged that they weren’t looking to coach me, they were offering a course to teach me how to coach. Interesting! I’d never thought of being a coach, yet it seemed so natural once I thought about itI have experienced personal growth work in many forms over the past thirty years; this course is based on several modalities including NLP, an approach I can relate to; and the teacher in me was intrigued with experiencing an online course with labs because I’ve been wondering if I might sometime teach online.

Registering for that coaching course started a cascade of other related activities. Before I’d finished it, I heard that Ken Wilber was offering an Integral Theory course. Even though they overlapped and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to do more studying, I felt it was another step toward expanding my horizons. It was.

Coaching Certification Seal

When I got my coaching certification, I started a practicum to gain experience. After a few months, I became aware that one of my clients needed another approach. Within a week I discovered The Emotion Code—a system new to me, but based on principles of muscle testing and energy healing which I’m familiar with. I applied this method to myself and was intrigued that it enabled me to quickly zero in on unconscious trapped emotions and easily release them from my energy field. It also worked well with my practicum clients.

By nature, I’m eclectic and a generalist. Currently I’m expanding my horizons by learning and applying another method which allows me to bring even more possibilities to my own growth and to my work with others.

While all of this was going on, I was intensely addressing some health issues. My cholesterol and blood pressure were high and this, of course, led to medical pressure to take prescription drugs, especially statins.

I’d been doing a lot of self-education about health, and knew that the downside of statins is enormous. It’s a road I don’t want to travel. So I worked with a functional medicine doctor to find another way of normalizing my cholesterol without taking statins. Recently my blood tests showed that all cholesterol-related markers are in the normal range—somewhere they haven’t been for several years.

It’s been a long journey of mishandled thyroid dysfunction, hormone disruption after a total thyroidectomy, and a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. It has felt like a trip up the road in this photo, and it’s a relief to have got through the worst of it. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about navigating the healthcare culture to come out intact rather than broken.

I invite you to join me in a complementary full-length coaching session so you can experience the depth of my work and see if we are a fit for each other.

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