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Conscious Spending, Conscious Life is about living in the consumer culture without being consumed by it. This book is for people who are

  • starting out,
  • starting over,
  • regrouping after difficult times, or
  • rethinking their lives.

This book will help you…

It helps you think in ways that prevent knee-jerk reactions to marketing messages. You will become aware of

  • your relationship with money,
  • deciding mindfully,
  • considering the bigger picture, and
  • using your resources as you want.

This book helps you understand how the consumer culture works. There’s plenty of practical information to help you avoid far-reaching mistakes with

  • credit cards,
  • mortgages,
  • life insurance,
  • wills, and
  • day-to-day purchases such as food.

Conscious Spending, Conscious Life provides insights into

  • the dilemmas of the consumer culture,
  • managing yourself,
  • handling money,
  • the complexities of health and safety,
  • avoiding far-reaching mistakes, and
  • making a life that satisfies you.

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